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I am currently laid up in bed, my hangout for the last couple of days, with a freak foot injury. My extremely heavy metal jewelry stand fell from my five-foot-high-or-so dresser and landed straight on my toe, splitting it open and resulting in a nice, deep cut that took three stitches to close. Do you feel bad for me? You really shouldn’t because this is entirely my own dumb fault.

But if my boyfriend agrees with me, you’d never know because after he spent all night in the ER with his delirious girlfriend (mind you, I do not handle pain well, plus these are my first stitches) despite having to work in the morning, he launched into playing bedside nurse – coming home at lunch, helping change my bandage – then chef, then shoulder to cry on as boredom set in, all the while loving on me, making sure I had everything I needed, telling me I’m beautiful, and forcing me to do things he knew were best like touching the wound to apply Neosporin (BUT I DON’T WANT TO).

None of this comes as a surprise, because this is simply the way he is not only toward me, but to everyone. Never, ever, ever have I met a man so loving, so thoughtful, so considerate, so supportive. Never has someone complimented my faults, accentuated my strengths, or made me laugh the way he does any time and every time. He is the best son to his parents, a really good brother, and friend to many, including his huge posse he’s grown up with. He’s the guy everybody wants to hang out with; I’m just lucky he often chooses to hang out with me.

I try to tell him these things I think about him often, and he can never seem to understand why it’s such a big deal to me. Well, sadly, they’re a huge deal because I’ve never really had any of them. You mean you don’t mind staying in the ER all night with me? You really want to volunteer for one my weekend work events? You … want to spend the day with my family? I guess I didn’t have very good examples to go on, other than my dad and brother-in-law, of course. I’ve been with some jerks. I don’t like to badmouth, especially since I’m so far past those parts of my life, but suffice it to say it was bad, then it was average, and now it’s better than I could have ever imagined. I’d always heard about what it takes to be a “real man” and now I’m sure my boyfriend is exactly that. And just look at this goofy smile he puts on my face!


Chris and me in Las Vegas in May for my cousin’s wedding.