2012 was a great year. In fact, it was my favorite year. There were major milestones, including a life-changing three weeks in Indonesia and making the huge decision to move out of my beloved, little studio and in with my love (it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made).


A shot from Bali. Absolutely incredible.

But as incredible as those things were, they weren’t everything that made this year as spectacular as it was. There was so much more. A wonderful trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my cousin Roxie’s wedding that included the best meal I’ve ever had at Carnevino. A new car (I love my 2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited!). A beautiful home in Golden Hill, a hip, walkable neighborhood in which I’ve always wanted to live. Trips to Disneyland. Celebrations with friends. Meaningful volunteer work. Continuing in a job that I love and fulfills me. It was truly a special year.


Boyfriend and me at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles.


Ole! We had such fun indulging in lobster and margaritas served surfside in Mexico.

While I bid farewell to 2012 with sadness that it’s over, I’m ecstatic for what 2013 holds. I have exciting, new goals at my job that I’m looking forward to achieving. And I’ll be working a lot on my home as it’s the kind that Pinterest DIY projects are made for. I’m also going to cook and bake. A lot. There is little I love more than pouring out my heart in the kitchen, and definitely nothing I love more than whipping up something special for the people I love. I hope to share my creations on this little blog of mine.

So Happy New Year, friends, and see you in 2013!